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Skin Name:     ANTISKIN
Description:   A retro '80s style classic WINAMP skin
Author:        Michael Walden
Homepage:      http://MW.RAT.bz
Version:       1.02
Date:          2015-01-12
Skinned Areas: Main, EQ (ISO), PL, ML, AVS, Station Info, Video, Cursors, MB,
               Amarok, VidAmp, MikroAMP, and Enhancer (see Enhancer section)
Tested with:   WINAMP 5.666
File Name:     ANTISKIN_v1.02.wsz
File Size:     37.0 KB (37,975 bytes)

I have achieved, in my eyes, near perfection with this WINAMP skin.  My taste
is toward clean and simple.  I also have a particular affinity for green on
black displays, like those often used in the '80s.

The reason that the color green was chosen for CRTs back then was that the
human eye was found to be most sensitive to the color green.  Thus, the eye
will incur less fatigue (in the short term) while viewing green CRTs. That
holds true to this day.  Sadly, many people have lost sight of this (pun 
intended) in recent years.  Present day color monitors can essentially
perform as well at displaying green on black as did older monochromomme
green CRTs.

I go through the effort of changing all of my software to display in this
manner.  Now I have brought this green on black obsession to WINAMP.

Actually, I am building on the work of Cedric Fondle.  A quote from the
documentation of Cedric Fondle's "Dark Green Evo C":

 "Please feel free to use this as a base skin for making other skins."

Taking his offer, I used his skin as a starting point for this skin.

Many thanks to Cedric Fondle, without whom, this skin would not exist.

For those familiar with the "Dark Green Evo C" skin, this skin might seem to
be nearly identical.  Please don't take the position that I am just relabeling
the work of another individual.  Upon closer inspection you should see that
the two skins are considerably different.  I have gone through the meticulous
process of fleshing out the graphical features of "Dark Green Evo C" to
produce this skin.  If you are unable to see the differences, refer to the
"Major Changes" list below, or the revision history to see a detailed
description of what was done.

 Major Changes (over "Dark Green Evo C")
 - Added skinned cursors

 - Added window title bar labels

 - Increased the size of all skin text

 - Removed all non green color elements

 - Removed most areas of solid color to provide a more vector graphics like
   appearance. (Think Battle Zone, Asteroids or any Cinematronics vector
   arcade game. Additionally, an Analog Oscilloscope.)

 - Changed playlist default font to Arial instead of Small Fonts

 - Increased height of song title box to allow non skinned fonts (which
   support international names) to appear without clipping the box

 - Improved the overall look and feel of the skin (see: Media Library)

Please feel free to use this as a base skin for making other skins.  Also, it
would be nice if you give us (Cedric Fondle and Michael Walden) credit for our
hard work. TIA


Note: For those interested in seeing the original "Dark Green Evo C" skin, it
was available at the following web address:

 http://WINAMP.com/skins/details.php?id=144578     [Dead address]

but has since be replaced with newer versions of the skin.  Go to the
following page to find a link to the latest "Dark Green Evo _" skin.

 Cedric Fondle's WINAMP Skins
 http://WINAMP.com/user/details/449533/submissions     [Dead address]

The Name
For those who do not get the name, I called this skin anti-skin due to the
appearance being like what WINAMP might have looked like, if it had existed,
back in the days prior to the existence of Windows and the concept of skins.
So, from my point of view, WINAMP with ANTISKIN is WINAMP without a skin.

- Simple, clear, and understandable design

- All green on black coloring

- Almost no areas of solid color, providing a vector graphics like
  appearance. (Think Battle Zone, Asteroids or any Cinematronics
  vector arcade game. Additionally, an Analog Oscilloscope.)

- Skinned cursors included

1. Go to the ANTISKIN web page by clicking on the ANTISKIN link at:
   http://WINAMP.com/user/details/3995736/submissions     [Dead address]

2. Click on the Download button.

3. Save the file to your disk in a location that you prefer, such as on the

4. Double left click on the file and click Yes on the Winamp Skin Install
   pop-up dialog box.

The following four items can be changed to suit your taste.  Try changing
them to see what they do. Be sure to note their original settings so that
they can be returned to those settings if you prefer.

1. Change the font size used to display playlist and media library tracks
   Ctrl+P > General Preferences > Playlist > Playlist Editor Appearance
   Playlist font size, in pixels: [9]        (7 to 12 looks best)
   [Also, you can change this value by selecting the playlist window, and
   pressing 'Ctrl' & Numberpad '+' or '-' keys]

2. Change the font used to display playlist and media library tracks
   Ctrl+P > General Preferences > Playlist > Playlist Editor Appearance
   [ ] Use skin or language pack font
   Use font: [ Tahoma ]

3. Disable Titlebar Dimming
   Ctrl+P > Skins > Classic Skins > Classic Skin Options > Classic Skin
   [ ] Dim window titlebars when not in focus

4. Disable Always Visible Clutterbar
   Ctrl+P > Skins > Classic Skins > Classic Skin Options > Classic Skin
   [ ] Always show Winamp "Clutterbar" in main window

I have included a skin file that can be used with the Enhancer plug-in by
Adrian Iosif.  See the links below for more info.

 http://WINAMP.com/user/details/113860     [Dead address]
 http://GeoCities.com/i_adryan     [Dead address]

To use the included Enhancer skin file:

 ANTISKIN for Enhancer.bmp

you must use an un-zip utility to extract it from the ANTISKIN .wsz skin file
to a location on your hard disk.  Then, right click the Enhancer window with
the mouse, chose "Skin Browser", go to the location where you extracted the
skin file, select it and then press "Open".

To Do
- Provide updates as needed to keep the skin compatible with new WINAMP

- The following files *may* need some additional changes:
    MB.bmp, VIDAMP.bmp, AMAROK.bmp, and MIKRO.bmp

WINAMP bugs/oddities found during my work on this skin
1. The main winshade button cursor "WINBUT.CUR" appears when the mouse
   pointer is in the title bar drop-down menu.  I believe this is incorrect,
   in my opinion it should be the "NORMAL.CUR" cursor.

2. In TitleBar.bmp, the bottom row of pixels in the main window normal
   active winshade is shared with the top row of the normal inactive

3. When the mouse pointer is on the EQ winshade button, the "EQTITLE.CUR"
   cursor is displayed.  Is this correct?  I would think that "WINBUT.CUR"
   would be the correct cursor icon here.

4. The EQ winshade volume and balance controls display the "EQTITLE.CUR"
   pointer when the mouse is pointing at them.  Why isn't it something
   like the "VOLBAL.CUR" or "VOLBAR.CUR" horizontal arrow cursor?

5. The PL winshade exit button shifts one pixel to the right while clicking
   on it with the mouse pointer.

6. In both the main window and playlist window classic visualization areas
   there are issues with the utilization of the full display.  The area
   provided in the skin is 75 pixels wide by 17 pixels high.  Presently, the
   spectrum analyzer, which has three styles of operation, and the
   oscilloscope, which also has three styles of operation, do not utilize
   the uppermost rows of pixels when being displayed.

   In all three styles of spectrum analyzer operation, there is incomplete
   utilization of the 16 colors specified in the viscolor.txt file.  This is
   due to the fact that the complete vertical axis is not in use.  If the
   complete vertical axis is used, then all colors can be displayed as well
   as the peak marks on the topmost row of pixels (16 colors + 1 peak = 17
   pixels high).

   In all three styles of oscilloscope operation, there is also incomplete
   utilization of the vertical axis.  The vertical mid point of the display
   (either 9 pixels up or down) is not presently being used as the mid point
   of the drawn scope trace.  If the complete vertical axis is used, then the
   mid point should fall on the correct 9th vertical pixel.

   When correcting these issues, care should be taken to verify that all six
   of the above styles of operation are adjusted to use the full vertical
   axis.  This should be done without clipping off either the top or bottom
   of the vertical bars or scope trace.

   Some additional info:

   Spectrum Analyzer Maximum Color Bar Height
   Style   Main  PL
   ------  ----  --
   Normal  13    13
   Fire    13    13
   Line    13    12

   Spectrum Analyzer Color Range
   Style   Main  PL
   ------  ----  ----
   Normal  2-14  2-14
   Fire    2-14  2-14
   Line    1-13  2-13

   Oscilloscope maximum height (all three styles) = 14

Revision History

ANTISKIN v1.02 - 2015-01-12

* ReadMe.txt: Updated version and history
* Installer: Fixed contrast in preview image on 'Choose Skin' page (ScreenShot.png)
* Enhancer: Fixed contrast in Enhancer plug-in skin file (ANTISKIN for Enhancer.bmp)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ANTISKIN v1.01 - 2008-09-01

* ReadMe.txt: Updated all URLs to be current
* ReadMe.txt: Updated WINAMP bugs/oddities section to reflect current issues
* Installer: Added preview image on 'Choose Skin' page (SkinInfo.xml, ScreenShot.png)
* Main: Added missing top vertical tick mark to Classic Visualization area (Main.bmp) [1]
* Main: Corrected the main winshade button cursor shape (WinBut.cur) [1]
* EQ: Added support for ISO Standard frequency bands (EQMain_ISO.bmp)
* Enhancer: Added Enhancer plug-in skin file (ANTISKIN for Enhancer.bmp)

[1] These two "bugs" were intentional fixes to compensate for bugs which
    exist in WINAMP.  I have decided to make my skin work as it should
    (with the bugs visible) and let the WINAMP developers fix the bugs in
    WINAMP.  At that time, this skin will be correct.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ANTISKIN v1.00 - 2007-05-13

The 100 most notable changes made to "Dark Green Evo C"
* ALL: Renamed the skin from "Dark Green Evo C" to "ANTISKIN"
* ALL: Replaced the 5 pixel high skinned font with the standard 6 pixel high font (text.bmp)
* ALL: Modified the following four skinned font characters: Q,3,(,) (text.bmp)
* ALL: Changed the skinned font color to a brighter green (text.bmp)
* ALL: Inset all frame lines by one pixel, providing a two pixel gap between adjacent frames
* ALL: Added all green mouse pointers (*.cur)
* ALL: Reduced color depth of all .bmp files to 4 bits, saving space (*.bmp)
* Main: Labeled the title bar (Normal) "WINAMP" (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Labeled the title bar (Easter Egg) with my credits (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Added ANTISKIN logo in the Classic Visualization area (main.bmp)
* Main: Changed title bar menu button to downward caret (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Changed winshade exit button to outline style (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Brightened winshade |<,>,||,[],>|,^_, and track time ":" (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Changed winshade |<,>,||,[],>|,and ^_ buttons to outline style (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Moved the winshade Open button one pixel to the left (titlebar.bmp)
* Main: Extended the Classic Visualization area frame around the Clutterbar (main.bmp)
* Main: Made the disabled Clutterbar pop out when accessed (main.bmp)
* Main: Changed Play/Pause/Stop indicator to outline style (playpaus.bmp)
* Main: Added Loaded and Buffering indicators to the left of Play indicator (playpaus.bmp)
* Main: Removed anti-aliasing from track time digits (numbers.bmp)
* Main: Added missing nums_ex file (nums_ex.bmp)
* Main: Added bright green colon in track time (main.bmp)
* Main: Added dim "00 00" in stopped track time (main.bmp)
* Main: Removed horizontal divider below track time (main.bmp)
* Main: Added horiz. & vert. tick marks to Classic Visualization area (main.bmp)
* Main: Changed Analyzer and Oscilloscope colors to shades of green (viscolor.txt)
* Main: Changed "KBIT" label to "kbps" to more closely match standard skin (main.bmp)
* Main: Changed "MONO STEREO" font to more closely match that of others (monoster.bmp)
* Main: Changed "MONO STEREO" to go dim rather than disappear when off (monoster.bmp)
* Main: Increased height of the box surrounding Song Title (main.bmp)
* Main: Expanded Song Title box to go around kbps, kHz, MONO, and STERO (main.bmp)
* Main: Added a "-" separator between kHz and MONO (monoster.bmp & main.bmp)
* Main: Added a "/" between "kbps" and "kHz" fields (main.bmp)
* Main: Removed the three digit numbers above the volume control (volume.bmp)
* Main: Moved volume and balance controls up one pixel (volume.bmp & balance.bmp)
* Main: Added button boxes around "EQ" and "PL" buttons (shufrep.bmp)
* Main: Moved the position bar down two pixels (posbar.bmp & main.bmp)
* Main: Moved the Open button two pixels to the left (cbuttons.bmp)
* Main: Added button boxes around "SHUFFLE" and "Repeat" buttons (shufrep.bmp)
* Main: Increased brightness of dim portions of the repeat button (shufrep.bmp)
* Main: Moved the repeat button five pixels to the right (shufrep.bmp)
* Main: Changed Repeat button depression animation to match other buttons (shufrep.bmp)
* Main: Replaced WINAMP logo with "?" button for info (main.bmp)
* EQ: Labeled the title bar "WINAMP EQUALIZER" (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Changed winshade exit button to outline box (eq_ex.bmp)
* EQ: Labeled the winshade volume and balance controls (eq_ex.bmp)
* EQ: Added button boxes around "ON" and "AUTO" buttons (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: "ON" and "AUTO" dim brightness increased (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Moved "ON" two pixels to the right for better centering (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Added one row of dots to the top and bottom of EQ graph scale (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Changed two letter "S" characters in "PRESETS" to flat top/bottom (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Added mid-point tick marks on sides of all vertical sliders (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Moved +/-12db tick marks to align with slider mid-point tick marks (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Added button box around "PREAMP" button (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Moved "PREAMP" button up two pixels (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Horizontally compressed and centered "PREAMP" button label (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Increased height of the 10 band labels by one pixel (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Centered the 10 band labels (eqmain.bmp)
* EQ: Changed +12db,+0db, and -12db labels to match band font (eqmain.bmp)
* PL: Labeled the title bar "WINAMP PLAYLIST" (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Removed box around song title in winshade (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Enlarged right pointing triangle in winshade (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Changed right pointing triangle in winshade to outline style (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Changed winshade exit button to outline style (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Changed track name font to "Arial" since "Small Fonts" looks bad (pledit.txt)
* PL: Changed current track color to a shade of green to make entire interface green (pledit.txt)
* PL: Brightened +,-,SEL,MISC,LIST,|<,>,||,[],>|,^_, and track time ":" (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Changed |<,>,||,[],>|,and ^_ buttons to outline style (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Normalized all 37 stack button labels (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Removed vertically adjacent stack button dividers (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Added background highlighting on hovered/active stack buttons (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Added classic visualization area box (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Changed up and down track list scroll buttons to outline style (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Brightened up and down track list scroll buttons (pledit.bmp)
* PL: Enlarged the lower right corner resize indicator (pledit.bmp)
* Video: Labeled the title bar "WINAMP VIDEO" (video.bmp)
* Video: Enlarged the lower right corner resize indicator (video.bmp)
* Video: Changed the downward triangle button to a downward caret (video.bmp)
* Video: Moved the buttons up one pixel and right one pixel (video.bmp)
* General: Added a bright green active title bar font (gen.bmp)
* General: Added a dim green inactive title bar font (gen.bmp)
* General: Enlarged the lower right corner resize indicator (gen.bmp)
* General: Changed Up, Down, Left, and Right Triangles to carets (genex.bmp)
* General: Added three lines to U-D & L-R sliders (genex.bmp)
* General: Changed un-clicked U-D & L-R sliders to black background (genex.bmp)
* General: Changed un-clicked horizontal button to black background (genex.bmp)
* General: Changed the row of colour control pixels to complete the all green theme (genex.bmp)
* WINAMP BROWSER: Added titlebar label "WINAMP BROWSER" (MB.bmp)
* WINAMP BROWSER: Enlarged LRC gripper (MB.bmp)
* AVS: Added titlebar label "AVS" (AVS.bmp)
* MikroAMP: Added titlebar label "(mu)" (MIKRO.bmp)
* VidAmp: Added titlebar label "VIDAMP" (VIDAMP.bmp)
* VidAmp: Enlarged LRC gripper (VIDAMP.bmp)
* VidAmp: Centered Menu, Info, Scale button text (VIDAMP.bmp)
* VidAmp: Changed background on depressed Menu and Info buttons (VIDAMP.bmp)
* Amarok: Added titlebar label "AMAROK" (AMAROK.bmp)
* Amarok: Enlarged LRC gripper (AMAROK.bmp)
* Amarok: Centered Menu, File and + button text (AMAROK.bmp)
* Amarok: Changed background on depressed Menu, File, +, |<], and [>| buttons (AMAROK.bmp)
* Amarok: Changed up and down arrows from solid to hollow (AMAROK.bmp)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dark Green Evo C
13th generation skin by EJ

changed in Evo C:
Playlist "SEL" button, changed "Zero" to "None".
Playlist Bottom Buttons Darkened slightly when not pressed.
Playlist Bottom Buttons Widened by 1 pixel.
Main counter number 8 altered sligtly.
Equaliser Preamp Button switched to ON and Fonts made larger.
EQ/PL/Shuffle Buttons made larger text as above.

Just a small evolution.
Any comments welcome.

Please feel free to use this as a base skin for making other skins.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dark Green Evo B
12th generation skin by EJ

changed in Evo B:
MainWindowShade PlayPause Buttons modified
Options Button Moved Up
Repeat Press Smoothed
Volume Bar: Added % Reading for easy reading volume + removed 000% bug
Updated PLEdit Small PlayPause Buttons to same as WindowShade
Skinned Mikro, Amarok, and VidAmp.
Fixed "Easter Egg" Titlebar (was 1 too low before)
Fixed PL bottom stretch colours bug.
Fixed repeat button bottom arrowhead.
Thanks to comment by Leon Bacud i finally got round to trying to update numbers.bmp
I've tried before but never seemed to get anywhere: i scrap anything that's remotely hard to read, so i've ended up with a evolved version, still v simple, just made into more of a dot-matrix in old 7-Seg style.
Also trying to think of something for top rt. buttons...

Please feel free to use this as a base skin for making other skins.

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